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IAS College Germany

IAS College Germany, is a German Institute providing foreign students programs in the field of-


  1. Bachelor’s English Taught – 5 Courses
  2. Bachelor’s  German taught – AQUAS
  3. 1 year program for engineers (post Bachelors degree)
  4. 1 year program Medical Doctors, (post MBBS)
  5. Nursing

Many of the study programs also enables students to pursue further studies/education in Germany.

In Schwerin, the study programs ICPF Tech and ICPF Med ( accredited by Allensbach University, offer 60+ credit points )

IAS College in partner with Vitruvius University of Applied Science offer Undergraduate Programs

(Fully English Taught; No Study College required)

  1.  SEIS – Software Engineering and Information securities
  2.  Game design
  3.  Communication Design
  4. Design innovation Management
  5. Fashion design

Course Duration– 6 semester (180 ECTS) + Pre-Semester- 1 Semester (6 months- Mandatory)
Pre-Semester Curriculum -English, Mathematics, Informatic & Focus Subject

Focus Subjects:

  • Project Management – SEIS, Game Design and Communication Design (courses 1, 2 & 3)
  • Business and economics- Design Innovation Management (course 4)
  • Fashion crafts (like how to cut, sew, tailor, select different types of materials etc.)- Fashion Design (course 5)


Eligibility: Completed- 12th standard

IELTS-6.0 Bands or equivalent

Tuition Fee-

  • 12500€ for first 1.5 years
  • Then 6000€ per year for next two years (courses 1,3,4,&5) &
  • Gaming Program costs 6500€ per year for next two years.

Blocked account: 8,640€ (Mandatory-Living Expenses)

Intakes: April (Summer Semester- SS)

October (Winter Semester-WS)

18-months stay back on course completion

Courses Offered-


DES IAS German Centre-

At Fergusson College, Pune, India –

IAS College provides Indian students the possibility to join German language (A1, A2 and B1 levels) and cultural programs in India, at the DES-IAS German Center.