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PAP (Senior Care Nursing Program) – IAS

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IAS College Germany

PAP is a one year recognition program especially designed for international nursing / healthcare professionals.

This program prepares candidates in German language, profession oriented curriculum, geriatric practical training & inter-cultural competences. The curriculum is coordinated with German agency for health and social affairs (LAGuS). The participants will receive German recognition as a senior care nurse after successful completion of the coursework. Candidates of PAP program reach the equivalence of German geriatric nurses and receive the license to work throughout Germany.


  • German language
  • Nursing curriculum (geriatric)
  • Internships in nursing facilities (stationary & ambulatory)

Why PAP?

The German population undergoes a rapid process of ageing. The amount of elderly people and their part of the population increases fast. This demographic change in Germany concerns nursing care in 2 aspects: With the ageing of the population the demand for nursing specialists increases when simultaneously, the workforce potential decreases.

Thus, Germany is in desperate need for nursing specialists, which leads to excellent job opportunities for well trained international nurses and healthcare professionals.