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Bachelor Degree in Germany-

  • German Students have 13 years of Education after which they start their 3 year bachelor degree.
  • Indian Students with a high school degree (12th Std) do not qualify for a Bachelor Degree in Germany.
  • 1 year Foundation College is necessary at the end of which they appear for the assessment test which enables, students to start a bachelor program.

Foundation Course Options-

T course (T for Technical) enables students to study a technical-oriented course (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Electronical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences etc.)

W course (W for Wirtschaft = economy) enables students to study an Economy-oriented course (e.g. Business Science, International Business Studies, Economics etc.).

Guaranteed Admission into Free Bachelor Degree Program

Programs offered at Bachelor-

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Economic Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Sciences
  • Business Studies
  • Business Sciences
  • International Business Studies
  • Economics
  • and a lot more!

Tuition Cost-

  • Foundation Year – 9,200€
  • German Language + Foundation Year – 13,700€
  • Blocked Account (living cost)- 8,640€
  • Bachelor Degree Tuition – 300€ per semester (Subsidized Education/ Free Tuition Bachelor Degree at German Public Universities )


  • Winter Semester- August (course start date)
  • Summer Semester- March / April

Applications must start 6 months prior to course start date.

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Bachelor Degree in Germany- Studienkolleg EduOptions Germany

To Register-

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