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German Medical System for MD/ Work/ PG and Specialization

Medical Universities in Germany teach the entire MBBS course at a subsidized tuition fees. The Map to medical PG in Germany is regularised by the German medical council. Doctors who have studied MBBS at the Bachelors in Germany, find it easier to start their MD specialization and work in hospitals.

If you have completed your MBBS in India or an other country, going directly for your MD is difficult due to language barriers and lack of understanding the German medical system.

To pursue PG /MD in medicine in Germany, students opt for the ICPF-MED course.

Germany is in the forefront of advanced medical research today.

How did this country emerge as one of the leading destinations for qualified doctors?

To begin, research in the medical field is well-coordinated with ample facilities across the country, this makes the MD Specialization in Germany full of scope and possibilities. The clinical atmosphere is both professional and welcoming.

For qualified doctors who are looking to specialize in any medical field, the ICPF-MED course is structured in such a way as for them to earn credits and prepare themselves for higher studies with much more ease.

Global Exposure: When you join ICPF-Med, you are opening gates to German universities that offer exclusive exposure towards research and development in all facets of your specialization. Because Medical Colleges in Germany operate from a global perspective, the kind of training you get and the experts you meet will be more beneficial to you than what the colleges in other countries offer. Add to this, constantly updated syllabus and unlimited research opportunities. These are the features that make jobs for Medical Doctors in Germany easy to find.

Reasonable Living Costs: If you are a qualified doctor and concerned about financing your MD Courses in Germany, worry a little less. Because, through ICPF-Med offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach, you can do your Masters in Medicine from a top ranked Medical college and if you are eligible, the tuition-fee would be zero or negligible. Also, the living expenses in Germany are surprisingly reasonable when you live a student life. The entire system supports the student community and their well-being is important to the society.

Practical Orientation: Study Opportunities in Germany are a class apart. Because they are 90% practical oriented. When you enter your career, such training will give you advantages that others may not have. ICPF-Med gives you 66 valuable ECTS credit points you will be able to use wherever you join for Masters in Medicine. And by the end of the course, you will have sufficient knowledge about how to go about the practical studies you will be required to complete in your university.

Wide Range: Courses that open up for you when you have completed ICPF-Med will blow your mind. Such is the range and options you get from German Universities. German Medical Colleges have world’s best specializations and they will power up your resume to a degree that is not possible with colleges in other countries.

ICPF-Med: Yes, this is the fifth reason. This one-year course not just makes you well-versed with the culture, language, and lifestyle of Germany. It gives you training in your area of interest, gives you credits and will help you land the right Masters course in Germany. It doesn’t just get you ready for a professional life in Germany it improves your quality of thinking, skills, and performance through carefully designed modules. So quit waiting doctors, it’s time for Germany.

This course not only gives you a definite advantage over other aspirants who want to pursue higher studies in Germany but it also makes you smart enough to find your way through a system that’s known for its efficiency and a sharp eye for perfection. Acquiring Approbation in Germany hence, is not a hard task anymore, if you choose IAS.

medical pg in Germany

Pursue Medical PG in Germany

Post graduation courses after MBBS is tough for Indian doctors. Doctors try to crack NEET PG /AIPGMEE 1-3 times and finally decide to look at other countries for their MD /MS studies.

PG in Germany after MBBS in India is one of the best options among other overseas medical PG options .

Germany is an ideal location for Foreign Medical Doctors for higher studies or for further specialization in Germany, it offers high-quality education at an affordable price.

ICPF Med is a one year course offered by IAS which is designed for international medical doctors who have completed their Bachelors in Medicine (MBBS)

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