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Types of bachelor programmes in Germany –

German Universities offer a wide range of study programmes with –

  1. English as the primary medium of instruction.
  2. German as medium of instruction.

Indian Students with a high school degree do not qualify for a Bachelor Degree in Germany, he must pass the festellungsprüfung or fachhoschulereife to start his Bachelor studies.

Eligibility to apply for a bachelor degree course-

In Germany, every university is autonomous, which means that every university / study programme has its own set of criteria for admitting students.

Universities ask for very good German language skills in case you want to take up a programme / Studienkolleg in German medium.

For this reason, your knowledge of German needs to be certified

IAS College and FH Aachen offer Programs designed for Students who wish to pursue their bachelors.

Students have the option to progress to either English or German taught Bachelors.

Colleges Offering the courses