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Vitruvius Hochschule

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Vitruvius Hochschule-Germany

The Vitruvius College (founded as a Designhochschule) is a privately-funded institution recognized by the Wissenschaftsrat and a state-recognized university recognized by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art.

Our graduates complete their studies with an internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and have the best chances of a successful career or an academic career.

IAS College in partner with Vitruvius University of Applied Science offer Undergraduate Programs
(Fully English Taught; No Study College required)

  1. SEIS – Software Engineering and Information securities
  2. Game design
  3. Communication Design
  4. Design innovation Management
  5. Fashion design

Course Duration – 6 semester (180 ECTS) + Pre-Semester- 1 Semester (6 months- Mandatory)
Pre-Semester Curriculum – English, Mathematics, Informatic & Focus Subject

Focus Subjects

Project Management – SEIS, Game Design and Communication Design (courses 1, 2 & 3)
Business and economics – Design Innovation Management (course 4)
Fashion crafts (like how to cut, sew, tailor, select different types of materials etc.)- Fashion Design (course 5)

Eligibility: Completed- 12th standard
IELTS – 6.0 Bands or equivalent

Tuition Fee

  • 12500€ for first 1.5 years
  • Then 6000€ per year for next two years (courses 1,3,4,&5) &
  • Gaming Program costs 6500€ per year

Blocked account: 8,640€ (Mandatory) – Living Expenses
Intakes: April (Summer Semester- SS) | October (Winter Semester-WS)

SEIS – Software Engineering and Information securities

In the first and second semesters, students learn the areas of competence of mathematics, computer science, software engineering, information security and additional key qualifications. In the third semester, the mathematical competency line is completed, the four qualifications are further deepened, and the fourth semester is the choice of a major focus: software engineering or information security.

In-Depth Competence: Software Engineering
The world speaks digitally – we speak with you

Competency: Information Security
The anti-hacker – for security in the system

Game Design

Areas of Focus
Game Theory, Game Mechanics, Game Analysis, Storytelling, Theory of Work, 2D Design & 3D Design, User Experience, Engines, Game Conception

Communications Design

Areas of Focus
Principles of Design, Digital Media, Narrative Design, Conception & Storytelling, Interactive Design, Motion Design, Editorial Design, Corporate Design, Design Thinking – inter-disciplinary project, Photography & Film

Design innovation Management

Design and innovation processes, control the development of products and services, to identify, analyse and develop new markets and business segments, evaluate risks and opportunities of innovation, analyse, plan and modify agency and business processes, take over tasks in the field of marketing and public relations, assume leading positions, build and lead mixed teams of designers, project managers and other professional fields; to manage and coordinate communications with customers, partners and contractors

Fashion Design

Areas of Focus
Design – Craftsmanship and Technology, Clothing Technology, Interactive Pattern Development/CAD, Model and Collection Development, Computer-Aided Design, Design – Visions and Practice, Industry-related projects, Creative structures, Production and sustainability, Inter-disciplinary concepts