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Why Germany?

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​Why Study In Germany?

Germany is fast becoming a sought after destination for those wanting to study and live in a country other than their own. Being the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world is adding to its popularity on a year to year basis. There are more than 3,00,000 International students studying in Germany today.

Recognised Qualifications: The education system here is known to be of the highest standard and German degrees are well recognised all over the world. There are Universities and Technical Universities that offer degrees from bachelor to doctoral which focus on scientific study. Then there are the Universities of Applied Science that are more practice oriented and endeavour to produce industry-ready graduates with highly employable skills.

Low Tuition Costs: Many of the German States have abolished tuition fees at the undergraduate level for both domestic as well as International students with only a small administrative fee to be paid per semester (approx 500Euros). Some Master courses too have no tuition fees and even if they do, they are far less than that paid in other countries.

Living Costs:  Inflation rate is low (0.2%) and standard of living both steady and high. The largest monthly expense of a student is rent (approx 250 – 450 Euros) out of a total monthly expenses of around 700Euros. In 2015, a student wanting to study in Germany is expected to show 8.640 Euros as living expenses for the first year

Transport: The transport infrastructure of Germany is modern & elaborate. German cities and towns have efficient local public transport systems and are also very well connected with the surrounding countries. Students can avail of many discounts and freebies offered by these transport systems. The most popular modes of public transport are buses, trams, surface and underground trains.

Language:  The Germans are very proud of their country and the German language. It is therefore important for those who are looking to make Germany their temporary or perhaps permanent home, to learn German. Whether you choose to study in English or German, being fluent in the language up to a certain level is advisable.