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Higher Education System

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Germany has broadly three types of educational institutions.
  • Arts, Film & Music Colleges
  • Advanced Technical Colleges – that offer practical diplomas.
  • Universities
 Type of Universities-
  • Universities that offer degrees with a focus on research.
  • Technical Universities (TUs) that offer practical approach degrees (upto Doctoral level in the science and technical subjects).
  • Universities of Applied Sciences (Hochschule) that offer upto master degrees, similar to the Universities but with a industry-oriented practical approach. Thus, Internship semesters are an integral part of the curriculum.
  1. Public Universities are state funded and charge little ( < 500 Euros) to no tuition fee.
  2. Private Universities charge around 5,000+ Euros a year.
  3. The funding for Living expenses to be shown includes rent, food, insurance, transport & entertainment. The amount being 8,640 Euros per year as required by the German Consulate in the form of a blocked account.
Language Proficiency:

International students may pursue higher education in Germany either in English or in German.

  • English Proficiency: IELTS , TOEFL or PTE.
  • German Proficiency: Different courses require different levels of language proficiency. It is best to refer to the requirements of the University the student wants to study in.