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Prominently placed in Central Europe, Germany is bordered by the North Sea & the Baltic Sea on the North and shares its boundary with 9 countries, viz. Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, the Netherlands & Denmark.

It is Europe’s Largest economy, a thriving nation and one that has ample opportunity to exhibit its leadership. The capital is Berlin, though Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne & Munich cities are also well known. The official language is German.


The climate is mostly temperate, ranging from 22- 33°C in summer and -15 to 3°C in winter. The months of May to September have milder weather and are popular amongst those interested in outdoor activities. However, it can rain anytime of the year.

Being the sixth largest country in Europe area-wise, it would be safe to say though, that the weather in Germany is as varied as its landscape – with its coastal areas, lake studded lowlands, forests and mountains.


Germany is a tourist’s paradise, boasting of several famous tourist spots. Of these, the Berlin Wall, the Neuschwanstein Castle, the River Rhine are most visited. Germany is also known for its beautiful Churches, various Museums and Beer Gardens.