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Facts About Netherlands-

  1. Population: 16,5 million
  2. Language: Dutch and English
  3. Currency: Euro
  4. Head of government: The Hague
  5. Capital: Amsterdam -Financial, cultural and commercial capital as well.
  6. Number of job vacancies: 200.000
  7. Average income (in euros): 31.000
  8. There are more bikes than people.
  9. Dutch have the most nutritious food to offer in Europe.
  10. Amsterdam has more than 100 bridges.

Why Study in Netherlands-

Netherlands is welcoming to foreign students about 1 in 10 students, is an international student.  More than 112,000 international students study in Netherlands and the number is increasing, due to exchange programs, internships, foundation year, degree and research programs.

1. Affordable and high quality education
  • The quality of institutions in Netherlands is well-recognised all over the world.
  • When you consider the tuition fees and living cost they are considerably lower than other Study destinations.
  • Scholarship opportunities for Master and degree courses have made education in Netherlands open to more foreign students.
2.  Study in one of the Happiest and Safest Countries in the world
  • Netherlands is one of the happiest & safest countries in the world.
  • The Dutch are famous for the tulips, windmills, rich culture and healthy habits like biking.
  • People dress in orange to party around the city and in the streets on King’s Day, since Netherlands is still a Monarchy.
3.  Over 2,200+ English taught Courses in Netherlands.
  • Netherlands has more English taught courses offered by the Universities than other countries in Europe, as over 94% of the people speak English.
  • Undergraduate, Master and PHD courses covering all study subjects from engineering, applied mathematics, geoengineering, psychology, systems & control, civil engineering, water technology, health sciences, Business, IT, etc. are taught in English.
4. International Student Community 
  • With 110,000 international students from more than 165+ different countries, the student society is well-connected to cultures from other countries and the business methods around the world.
  • People are direct with an open-mind which makes it easy to meet, discuss and exchange ideas.
5. Work and Study in Netherlands
  • Students can apply for Jobs will studying, the Dutch government provides a 1 year stay-back option to students allowing them to work after completing their study program.
  •  Applying for a Residence permit is easy , there are many Job vacancies as Netherlands is the 19th Largest GDP in the world.

Famous Universities in Netherlands-

  • Delft University of Technology- 54th position internationally
  • University of Amsterdam- 58th
  • Eindhoven University of Technology-  104th
  • Utrecht University- 109th
  • Leiden University- 109th
  • University of Groningen- 113th
  • University of Twente- 179th
Study Courses in Netherlands