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Facts about Sweden-

Sweden is a country with a small population and a strong brand

  1. Safe and modern country.
  2. 3rd largest country in Western Europe.
  3. Population 9.5 million.
  4. Highly internationally minded and English-speaking population.
  5. High living standards and low crime rates.
  6. Nobel Prizes, presented each year in Stockholm by the Swedish monarch, are regarded as the most prestigious awards in the world.
  7. The first university in Sweden was founded in Uppsala in 1477.
  8. 35,000 international students in Sweden
  9. You can Study in English (1000+ degree programs in English)

Why Study in Sweden-

1.Creativity is Essential

  • You are encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically.
  • The most innovative country in the EU according to the European Innovation Scoreboard
  • Investment in research is among the highest in the world in relation to GDP.

2. Home of the world’s most international companies and famous brands

  • IKEA was founded in the south of Sweden
  • Lifesaving Pacemaker was developed in 1958 by Swedish inventor Rune Elmqvist.
  • DJ Avicii and carmaker Volvo are two of Sweden’s biggest exports
  • H&M is Sweden’s biggest fashion exporter,Swedish fashion attracts great success internationally.
  • Skype and Spotify belong to the new generation of Swedish technological successes.

3.Equality and diversity 

  • Most equal country in the world, it places among the world’s top countries in gender equality.

4. Skills for a Global Career

  • Degree programmes in Sweden include internships, which allow students to gain real-world experience and build their professional network.
  • you can apply for a work permit while studying, if you receive a Job Offer.

Additional Facts- For Studying in Sweden

  • Everyone speaks English
  • Excellent Public transport
  • International students are allowed to work in Sweden.
  • Clean and safe, the standard of living is high.

Famous Universities in Sweden-

Top Swedish Universities as per the latest QS World University Rankings, 2018:
  • Lund University – 78th position internationally
  • KTH, Royal Institute of Technology – 98th
  • Uppsala University – 112nd
  • Chalmers University of Technology – 133rd
  • Stockholm University – 195th

Environment & Sustainability– 

  • Environmental issues are high priority
  • Environmental technology is exported from Sweden
  • Half of the Energy is from Renewable Sources
  • While studying in Sweden, students are taught about renewables and environment.


  • Swedish is the official language in Sweden.
  • Most people speak English very fluently.
  • Swedish companies have English as their corporate language
  • 1000+ degree programs in English

Style of Living

  • Swedes love their tradition of Fika, a break for coffee
  • Punctuality is important


  • Sweden is covered by huge forests, clean beaches and snow-capped mountains.
  • Forests cover 69 per cent of the country.
  • Sweden is long –980 miles from top to bottom
  • Stockholm, is the largest city, with 930,000 inhabitants.
  • Other large cities are Linkoping, Malmö, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Lund.

Universities and Courses- 

Jonkoping University Sweden
Halmstad University Sweden