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Study in Germany

Every year, over 250,000 international students choose to study in Germany. That is more than 10% of the entire student population attending German Universities.

German Universities offer internationally recognized Bachelor programs at a relatively cheaper cost compared to UK, USA or Australia.

German universities tend to encourage long-term higher education for international students by providing more English study opportunities.

Language of instruction

If you want to study abroad in Germany, knowing the German language remains a main prerequisite for admission.

However there are English study options for the bachelor level programs offered at Public and Private Universities.

In 2013, Germany has placed second in the growth of international English-taught programmes in Europe.


Internships are a key part of the bachelor degree.

As an intern, you gain experience in professional life, project management, business communication, job interview skills, and more…

You are given small projects and are supervised by an employee at the company, an internship equips students with the key qualifications necessary for a successful career.

Colleges Offering the courses