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Advantage of A Foreign Education In India.

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Getting a foreign education is no more considered to be exclusive to the affluent, in fact it is fast becoming a necessity for anyone looking to have a long-term career in any specialized field because most established conglomerates, national and multi-national, prefer to employ people with diverse experiences, as it saves the organization the resources they would have to invest in the person to provide the same. Moreover, getting guidance and financial assistance is just a click away for anyone seeking to enhance their career with a foreign degree.

Studying in a different country gives you the opportunity to experience learning in a new format – making the world your classroom. It opens the doors to personal growth and development through new experiences, people, culture, history, and even a new language. As you learn to navigate through new landscapes and cultures you develop confidence, learn self-reliance and time management. All this, while building social skills, making new friends, eating new foods and stretching the parameters of your comfort zone. Studying abroad builds character, making you more marketable to employers because of the life skills you learn while getting a formal education – learning to overcome challenges life may throw your way.

With the ever-growing popularity of the Indian sub-continent across the globe most multi-national brands are looking towards India to set shop here. This means that the potential for employment in established organizations will continue to increase. In that scenario, its best to be prepared so when the opportunities do arise, you are not ill-equipped to rise to the occasion.

In keeping with the trend of multi-national companies setting shop in India, the increasing numbers of companies coming to India is testimony to the fact that the world is taking notice of the Indian talent, diversity and opportunities the Indian markets provide. You can see the list of diverse companies looking to move to India. While auto manufacturers like Lexus, KIA, Diahatsu, Acura etc. have declared intent and have started setting shop in India, Retailers too are not far behind. A list of upcoming IPO’s looking at India should be a clear indicator of opportunities that could open up in India. Additionally, there’s no taking away from the numerous India start-ups that are being funded and will need qualified people at the helm of their operations.

Unfortunately, our present education system doesn’t give much room for learning or creativity as we are more focused on theory rather than the practical aspect of how, why, when etc. this is in no way to demean our education system, it just leaves us with an disadvantage of having to understand these aspects only after we complete our education and get working. Which means that promotions etc. are that much later to come by. The Indian education system also, doesn’t encourage extra-curricular activities that play a large role in developing the personality and character, diluting our true character and self-worth. Like arts, sports, music and theatre that are character shapers and help an individual learn in a more holistic manner than just becoming a book worm. Making the age-old adage a truth – all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. And, all this because of the lack of exposure to subjects we are actually interested in.

While there is no taking away from the great Indian institutions like IIT’s and IIM’s, unfortunately, the percentage of students that have access to these great halls of learning are far less that the actual requirement. This is where you could help your career jump the extra mile with the experience of a foreign education. So, call us today on 91 902 901 4822 or mail us here for us to get in touch with you and help you understand the nuances of a foreign education.

Renu Agarwal,
EduOptions Germany

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