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IAS College Germany

AQUAS  Program- 

AQUAS – Academic qualification for University of Applied Sciences in Germany by IAS College and Designschule Schwerin:

Through AQUAS students from abroad have the possibility to receive the final exam certification “Fachhochschulreife”, which allows them to pursue further Bachelor studies at German Universities of Applied Sciences afterwards.

Students can go on studying any subject of choice offered by the University of Applied Sciences

Who can apply for AQUAS?

  • 11th class or 12th class finished and extra certificate of in the broadest sense technical skills ( internship, any job experience or certificate courses, self-study, self-skill
    e.g. gaming, programming, drawing, Photoshop or in any technical field)
  • Diploma in technical field (10 + 3)/vocational training in technical field (note: technical in the broadest sense, can also be some kind of art/design)

    Note: No German language in advance required!


AQUAS – duration 1 year:

  • English,German language,technical – related subjects such as Mathematics and physics
  • Social and cultural integration
  • Final exam which allows to study at Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany (subject as per students´ choice)