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Computer Science

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Computer Science is a professional programme that includes the study of computers and computer systems, dealing with software and software systems; this includes theory, design, development, and application. The study of Computer Science is more relevant today what with the use of Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic thinking, Cyber security, Management of big data etc. taking center stage in the modern world.

While knowing how to program is essential to the study of computer science, the Comuter Science programme also includes design and analyses of algorithms to solve programs and understand the performance of computer hardware and software. Students studying Computer Science are and will always be in demand considering our ever-increasing dependence on computers to perform even the simplest of tasks – making Computer Science the technology backbone of the future.

Germany offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Computer Sciences at some of its most prestigious universities with focus on Software Engineering, Information Security, information technology, SAP, UI, UX, AI and Gaming. Known for its Research and Development in technology, R&D is aided and encouraged by the universities. A degree from a Germany institution opens the door to jobs across the globe and gets you ready to face the challenges a career in Computer Sciences can throw at you.

Students wishing to apply for undergraduate courses in Germany need to complete 10 + 2 + 1-year bridge program to compensate for 13 years of schooling in Germany.  After which Indian students need to pass an assessment test to get admission in German institutions for equivalent of Bachelor’s degree. Students who have cleared the IIT–JEE or have completed 1 year of undergraduate studies are exempted but, must prove their efficiency in German language or English. Those seeking to undertake postgraduate studies in Computer Sciences will need to have a suitable bachelor’s degree. While it may not be German, it must be recognized by German universities.

The advantages of completing Computer Sciences in Germany include:

  • Courses offered in Germany are on par with the US, with the added advantage of lower costs.
  • Several job opportunities are available for students in the field of Computer Sciences in Germany and across the globe.
  • Germany is home to some prominent Fortune 500 companies like Audi, BMW, Mercedez Benz etc. who are constantly on the lookout for new talent in technology and engineering from different backgrounds and skills.
  • Internships & jobs at companies like AIRBUS, ADIDAS, AUDI, BOSCH, BMW, BASF, SAP, TRIMUPH, etc.

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Renu Agarwal,
EduOptions Germany

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