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Medical PG in Germany -ICPF- MED – IAS

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How to Pursue Medical PG in Germany

  • Post graduation courses after MBBS is tough for Indian doctors. Doctors try to crack NEET PG /AIPGMEE 1-3 times and finally decide to look at other countries for their MD /MS studies.
  • Medical PG in Germany after MBBS in India is one of the best options among other overseas medical PG options .
  • Germany is an ideal location for Foreign Medical Doctors for higher studies,work or for further specialization in Germany, it offers high-quality education at an affordable price.
  • ICPF Med is a one year course for Medical PG in Germany offered by IAS which is designed for international medical doctors who have completed their Bachelors in Medicine (MBBS)

Path for Medical PG in Germany

  • With ICPF-Med, you enter the medical sector and Medical Universities in Germany with your head held high.
  • Study Duration: 3 trimester = 1 year
  • You are trained in the language, the methods, the operational mechanics and plus, you know how everything works in Germany. Now that’s a rare advantage that will take you far.

So why wait? Join ICPF-Med and make your fortune find you.

German Medical System for MD/ MS/Work and Specialization

  • Medical Universities in Germany teach the entire MBBS course at a subsidized tuition fee. The Map to medical PG in Germany is regularized by the German medical council. Doctors who have studied MBBS at the Bachelors in Germany, find it easier to start their MD specialization and work in hospitals.
  • If you have completed your MBBS in India or an other country, going directly for your MD is difficult due to language barriers and lack of understanding the German medical system.
  • To pursue PG /MD in medicine in Germany, students opt for the ICPF-MED course.

Why ICPF-MED for Medical PG in Germany-

  1. No prior German Language skills Required
  2. Entire program is taught in Germany- SCHWERIN
  3. 66 ECTS credits
  4. GMK and Approbation exam
  5. Experienced doctors as faculty

No additional cost (other institutes charge thousands of Euros € for)

  • individual German Langauge levels
  • hospital enrollment
  • “Aprobationship” Service
  • Observer-ship
  • Telc-exam

Course Curriculum

This course is packed with modules that empower young doctors to make their way into the German health industry. A few modules are:

2. Medical Module

2a. Introduction

  • Diseases and affected parts of the body
  • Tasks of the body systems and their
  • Important people in medicine and their
  • General anatomy
  • Anamnesis
  • Various fields: information, possible
    diseases,therapy possibilities
  • Conversation among doctors
  • Doctor-patient-conversation
    practical exercise
  • Final exam

2b. Medical German Language

  • Basic vocabulary
  • The German health system
  • The anamnesis
  • Physical examination
  • The psychiatric exploration
  • The patient presentation
  • Apparative diagnostics
  • Conversation among Medical doctors
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Hold a lecture
  • Written documentation (case sheet)
  • Final exam

2c.Observerships in hospitals

  • (German language in work life,
    Applying medical vocabulary,
    Insight into daily life in hospital /
    procedures / health system,
  • Learn how to deal with other physicians,with nurses and patients, about medicaldevices, patient rights, data protection,documentation)
  • Summary report intended

Intercultural Curriculum-

i) Social-

Contacts to German families

  • German history
  • German political system
  • Legal standards in Germany
  • Support for official affairs

ii) Cultural-

  • Do´s and Don’ts
  • City tour/Orientation
  • Intercultural Training
  • German food culture
    and etiquette
  • Events, festivities,
    get togethers
  • Contact for sports
    clubs and tips for
    leisure activities

iii) Professional-

  • Hospital Visits
    (ICPF Med)
  • System of Social
  • Health insurance and
  • Application Training
  • Workshops and
    Training via Job agents
  • Job / Study counselling

On Course Completion

  • GMK and APPROBATION examination
  • Work in German Hospitals
  • Medical PG in Germany
  • Final Exam: German examination B2/Telc (C1) medical language
  • 66 ECTS credit points.
  • Non clinical option- Upon successful completion of this course students can pursue their Masters in healthcare sector
medical pg in germany

Eligibility for Medical PG in Germany

  • Admission requirements : Bachelor or Diploma in Medicine and Surgery
  • The doctor would need a registration to practice (MCI or foreign license) prior to the departure to Germany.
  • PRIOR GERMAN Language skills are NOT required.

Tuition Fee-

ICPF-MED- 1 year program

  • 10,000€ (approx ₹ 7.5 Lakh)

Living Expenses- Blocked Account

  • 8,640€ (6.8 Lakh)

MAP- Medical Approbation Program (optional additional 3 month course)

  • 3,000€  (2.2 Lakh)

Overall Expenses for 1 Year-

  • 18,640€ ( 14 Lakh

Course Start Date

Start of studies : Summer Semester (April intake)
Winter Semester (October intake)

Application Deadlines

  • Applications for the Winter and Summer Intake start 6-10 months prior to the course start date
  • Application deadline : 15th February for Summer Semester
    15th August for Winter Semester

Visa Procedure

German Consulate requires 2-3 months for VISA processing.

Doctors should start the procedure 6-8 months prior.

medical pg in Germany

Salary Structure for Doctors

Doctors in Germany (Arzt)earn an average of 3,000 to 4,500€ a month.

After the Approbation is cleared, MD-specialisation (Facharzt) studies begin.

How to Apply

Documents must be sent to , to start the profile evaluation and application procedure.

You can Call us for a detailed Counselling Session over the phone

How to Apply Medical pg in Germany
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