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Germany offers a great opportunity for those wishing to pursue a Degree or Career in Medical Science. Though, the journey is not all that easy for students or medical practitioners. Medical PG courses are taught in German language, making it that much more difficult for non-Germans or those not familiar with the language, added to which is the unique medical system used in Germany. However, if you are looking for long-term gain and have the willingness to go the distance, then Germany is the new Mecca of Medical Science.

The Map to medical UG is regularized by the German Medical Council and admission to medical universities are extremely competitive, however, great weightage is attached in the universities’ selection procedure to the applicants CV, motivation and personal commitment. These criteria play a role in the Standard Assessment Test for Students of Medicine (TMS), which makes entry possible for other applicants.

While the tuition and fees for MBBS are relatively low. No tuition fees are charged for post graduate studies in Germany. But, for the study visa, one must prove that you can support yourself. This is estimated to be about €8,640 a year, though, cost of living varies greatly around the country. Semester fees cost no more than €250 per month and are paid to the student administration (AstA). They cover everything, from student IDs to access to the city’s public transport.

Today, Germany is in the forefront of advanced medical research and is a leading destination for qualified doctors. Here, research in the medical field is well-coordinated with ample facilities across the country, this makes the MD Specialization in Germany full of possibilities. The clinical atmosphere is both professional and welcoming. On completion of Approbation and you start studying for your MD-specialization (Facharzt), where doctors can earn an average of €3,000 /€4,500 a month.

Medical PG in Germany - EduOptions GermanyQualified doctors looking to pursue PG/MD in any field, can opt for the ICPF-MED course by IAS – a course designed especially for international medical doctors who have completed their Bachelors in Medicine (MBBS). The ICPF-MED is a:

  • One-year course divided into three semesters.
  • Structured in a way that you can earn credits and prepare for higher studies with relative ease.
  • Imparts training in language, methodology, operational mechanics and knowledge of how thing works in Germany – a rare advantage that will take you the distance.

ICPF MED, a 1- year course for Medical PG in Germany.
This course not only gives you a distinct advantage over other aspirants looking to pursue a Medical PG, but it also makes you smart enough to find your way through a system that’s known for its efficiency and helps you develop a sharp eye for perfection. Making it a relatively easier task to acquire an Approbation in Germany.

medical pg in Germany

IAS ICPF-MED Offering:

Course Curriculum

This course is packed with modules that empower young doctors to make their way into the German health industry. A few modules are:

2. Medical Module
2a. Introduction

  • Diseases and affected parts of the body
  • Tasks of the body systems and their impairment
  • Important people in medicine and their discoveries
  • General anatomy
  • Anamnesis
  • Various fields: information, possible diseases,therapy possibilities
  • Conversation among doctors
  • Doctor-patient-conversation
  • practical exercise
  • Final exam

2b. Medical German Language

  • Basic vocabulary
  • The German health system
  • The anamnesis
  • The psychiatric exploration
  • The patient presentation
  • Apparative diagnostics
  • Conversation among Medical doctors
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Hold a lecture
  • Written documentation (case sheet)
  • Final exam

2c.Observerships in hospitals

  • (German language in work life,
  • Applying medical vocabulary,
  • Insight into daily life in hospital /procedures / health system,
  • Learn how to deal with other physicians,with nurses and patients, about medicaldevices, patient rights, data protection,documentation)
  • Summary report intended

Intercultural Curriculum-

i) Social- Contacts to German families

  • German history
  • German political system
  • Legal standards in Germany
  • Support for official affairs

ii) Cultural- Do´s and Don’ts

  • City tour/Orientation
  • Intercultural Training
  • German food culture and etiquette
  • Events, festivities, get togethers
  • Contact for sports clubs and tips for leisure activities

iii) Professional-

  • Hospital Visits (ICPF Med)
  • System of Social insurance
  • Health insurance and liability
  • Application Training
  • Workshops and Training via Job agents
  • Job / Study counselling

IAS ICPF-MED Advantage:
Global Exposure: When you join ICPF-MED, you open gates to universities that offer exclusive opportunities to research and development – across specializations, where the trainers and training are of global standards. Exposing you to super-specialist from all fields. Add to this, the constantly updated syllabus and unlimited research opportunities make it easy for doctors passing out from ICPF-MED to find jobs in Germany.

Reasonable Living Costs:
ICPF-MED pupils can do their Masters in Medicine from any top ranked Medical college, as the tuition-fee would be zero or negligible, making it less stressful for qualified doctor, concerned about financing their MD Course in Germany. Also, the living expenses in Germany are surprisingly reasonable when you live a student’s life as the entire system supports the student community and their well-being is forefront.

Practical Orientation:
Study programs in Germany are 90% practical oriented so by the end of the course students have enough knowledge about how to go about the practical studies you will be required to complete in your degree; giving you the edge over your competitors. Added to which, ICPF-MED gives you 66 valuable ECTS credit points you will be able to use when you join Masters in Medicine.

Wide Range:
ICPF-MED opens a world of endless possibilities due to its vast range of options. German Medical Colleges have the world’s best specializations that will power your resume to a degree that is not possible in other countries.

This one-year course not just makes you well-versed with the culture, language, and lifestyle of Germany, it gives you training in your area of interest, credits and facilitates the right Masters course for you. It doesn’t just get you ready for a professional life in Germany it improves your quality of thinking, skills, and performance through carefully designed modules.

It is noteworthy that physicians who have undertaken MBBS in Germany, find it easier to start their MD specialization while they work in local hospitals. However, those who have completed their medical training outside of the European Union and EEA can practice medicine but must get the appropriate Approbation.

If you are looking to fuel your Career and Life opportunities in the medical profession, contact us and we will help you achieve a fulfilling career in Germany – the new land of Medical Opportunities.